About us

Wine Goblet throws open the cellar doors of the world to the public (and especially to its Club Goblet members). The wines we offer are honest and stylish; they showcase their region with understanding and purity. We unreservedly believe the wines we offer will sit proudly on any table. Due to our backgrounds and connections Wine Goblet specializes in classic French wines and boutique Australian. That said we will offer an ever-changing list of exceptional wines from around the world, it all depends on what we find.

We value wines that are grown and made using ecologically sustainable methods. Our selection is always about quality; whether the methods used are low intervention, biodynamic or organic, the result accurately represent the place they are from. Put simply good agriculture practices result in the best grapes.

Wine loves company & we at Wine Goblet travel widely; we know the lands where our wines are made, we know the people who made them and we know their dogs. We extensively try the wines out of barrel and tank and often end up staying the night.

Wine Goblet Team

Jeremy Willcox

Jeremy Willcox

Director & Buyer

Jeremy loves the Wine Trade. He has over 20 years experience working with some of the world’s best regarded wine merchants - in Australia, the Casama Group; in London, Corney & Barrow and in New York, Sotheby’s Wine Department. This has given him a rare insight into the world of wine. His excellent palate and his keen eye for quality and value places him firmly amongst the best importers in Australia. He looks for wines that clearly represent terroir (a place), are classic yet interesting and make him smile. Now, with Wine Goblet, you can draw on all those years of experience with a selection of wines that genuinely speak of place and style. WSET Level 4 Diploma

Cameron Anthes

Director & Buyer

Cameron gets wine, got it! While he stayed close to home in his 20 years or more experience, his palate, wine knowledge and passion extend well beyond Australia. Cameron has worked in both small and large wine businesses, selling some of the best wines from Australia, New Zealand and Europe. Cameron is clearly a leading authority in wine and ask anyone in the wine trade and they’ll rank him in their top 10 nice guys. It is said that Cameron builds friendships rather than clients so when he suggests a wine you know it’s going to be a wine well worth drinking. On a side note if you ever feel like a chat about cycling Cameron will be as keen as mustard, he loves cycling. WSET Level 2.

Chris Foster

Manager & Buyer

Chris has been in the hospitality game for more than 20 years in Queensland and NSW. Starting in one of the best stores in Brisbane then running Sydney’s best independent wine shop for more than a decade. He loves tasting wine, especially good value minimal intervention wines, but Pinot Noir floats his boat. He’ll always be available to discuss your vinous needs or simply just shoot the breeze with you…he loves a chat about wine, ask his wife. He reckons wine is simply about enjoyment and sometimes, just sometimes, a wine makes him so emotional that he needs a cuddle. WSET Level 2.