3 Bottle pack – French Rose


This 3 bottle pack is a wonderful way to taste one of Provences most exciting producers! Summertime is Rose time! This pack contains 1 bottle of each of the following wines,

2022 Figuiere Mediterannee Rose
2022 Figuiere Magali Rose
2021 Figuiere Confidentelle Rose

Pale salmon pink in color. Nose has notes of white flowers that then develop into white peach skin. The palate expresses the velvety texture of citrus peel and the zestiness of an essential oil. Not mandarin, not lemon, not orange, more like kumquat. There’s something astringent, green, tight and fresh.

Pale salmon in colour, clear and bright. The nose is expressed through notes of citrus and small red berries. A wonderfully supple and full-bodied attack on the palate, finishing up with notes of yellow fruit ranging from peach to nectarine.


An outstanding rosé! A pale salmon colour. Subtle yet complex nose with remarkable minerality, notes of yellow fruits like apricot, vineyard peach, and nectarine are expressed one after the other. Lively mouth-filling attack, smooth and fleshy. A delightful saltiness, a pleasing vinous taste that is light and festive. Has an amazing and rare delicate quality, spectacular potential to be a fine dining wine.

More Information

Chateau Figuière is a pioneering maker of superior Provence wines and an ambassador of a new generation of top-level winemakers dedicated to their terroir yet boldly shaping the future through a desire for a healthy blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and the art of living, luxury and simplicity. It also fosters an artisanal approach rooted in community, sharing and loyalty along with a more personal level of artistry as a mark of its distinction and style.

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