BK Wines Pur Jus Pinot Cabernet Franc 2021


BK Tasting note“What started as a collab has now found its place in the range with fruit from a vineyard that has rapidly become a firm favourite. Once upon a time there was a Cabernet Franc vineyard deep within a rocky, riverbed wrinkle in Basket Range. One year out of three, the fruit there would ripen… hardly a sustainable state of affairs. So in a burst of inspiration, Pinot Noir was grafted onto these Cabernet Franc roots in the hope that the shift to a cooler-ripening variety would ensure that fewer harvests ended in tears. And it worked! Mostly. About 10% of the grafts didn’t take and the upshot is that we have our own little pocket of the Loire Valley in our backyard with a mélange of Pinot Noir and Cab Franc. Crispy and fresh, just-ripe cherries with a green tea edge courtesy of the Franc. We could not be happier to have our toes in this lovely little pocket of terroir”

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Brendon Keys is a freethinking frontier wine-maker. His wines are cutting edge, yet they are the very definition of modern Australian quality winemaking. Brendon does do things a bit differently but always with great control and purpose.

All BK Wines are from single vineyards and are fermented using wild yeast. All reds are unfiltered and unfined.

BK Wines was awarded 5 Stars in the 2021 James Halliday Wine Companion

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