Ceel Wines Blaufranckish Reserve 2016


Hand -picked into small crates, meticulous grape selection. De-stemming, fermentation in closed stainless steel tanks for 14 days after a further 4 days prior time, gently pressing and malolactic fermentation in wood. Aged in 500 litre oak barrels of French oak.
Intensely fruity – spicy, ripe black cherries, blackberries fine thyme seasoning, some dark chocolate, also on the palate always very fruity , harmonious, strong and always very much drinkable!

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Full-bodied and rich red wines are produced under the influence of the hot, continental Pannonian climate, in the eastern region of Burgenland. Within this area, there are many distinctions that play an equally important role. For example, the Eisenberg hill in the most southerly part of Burgenland, enjoys a complex soil structure and touch of refreshing climatic influences from neighbouring Steiermark, that provide ideal growing conditions for Blaufränkisch and other red wine varieties with fine mineral characters and unmatched elegance.

Markus Fischl, Martin Kern and Franz Raith all have their roots in the wine trade nationally in and Austria as well as internationally and all decided to return to their roots and apply the essence of their knowledge at home. The highest quality grapes from some of the best vines in Rust are the foundation to produce, in conjunction with careful processing in the cellar wines that shine. Varieties Wiessburgunder and Blaufrankish are the main focus, and the team play with along with other old world classics like Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah with great success.

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