Joh Jos Prum Bernkasteler Badstube Kabinett 2019


Intense aromas and luscious succulence of ripe pear and white peach are wreathed in lily-of-the-valley and tinged with grape seed piquancy as well as with marzipan and anise. Polish and subtle creaminess add to the midpalate allure of pure-fruited concentration. The generous finish is soothing and subtly honeyed. Simply a benchmark & a delight.

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Bernkasteler Badstube is the last of the vineyard sites that can appear on a J.J. Prum label. This vineyard borders those of the Graacher Himmelreich on the latter’s southern edge. The Bernkasteler Badstube slopes are on a marginally shallower gradient, with deeper soils than the Graacher and Wehlener, while the western orientation allows the vines longer exposure to the afternoon sun. The Badstube typically produces a wonderfully floral, delicate and mineral wine. Overall, the wines are usually slightly more delicate in structure and weight when compared with the wines of Graacher or Wehlener but they are wonderfully racy and fine examples of the middle Mosel.

“No matter what kind of mood you are in, the world always seems a better place with a glass of Prüm in hand; these are gracious, charming, wines that go straight for the heart leaving you only with the desire to finish the bottle quickly, resolving to finish a second bottle more slowly and reflectively.” – Stephan Reinhardt

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