Joh Jos Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Riesling Spatlese 2017


17.5/20 – Tamlyn Currin,, “Oranges, almost marmalade peel on the nose. Bit of smoke, but just a faint trail. Intense, nervous, fingernails pressed white with tension. And then pebbles dipped in peach juice. Both hard and soft, tightly wired and free – a compelling, teasing ambiguity.”

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To say that Joh Jos Prum (AKA J.J. Prum) is an iconic German wine producer is indeed an understatement because they are indeed the best of the best that the Mosel has to offer. Their wines are legendary and age beautifully for decades, indeed they actually need some age before they truly show just how good they are.

“The wines, whether a modest Kabinett or an opulent Beerenauslese, are the epitome of filigree elegance: light in body but intense in flavour, exquisitely balanced and precisely tuned, and capable of the most extra-ordinary longevity.  With the rise of so many excellent winemakers in the region, one might have supposed that J.J. Prüm, with its profound conservatism, might have been overtaken and left behind. Not a bit of it. The Estate remains where it has been for decades: at the summit.”  Stephen Brook, The Wines of Germany, Mitchell Beazley

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