Moss Wood “Amy’s Vineyard” Cabernet Blend 2017


A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petit Verdot & Merlot.

This classic Cabernet red blend is a good drinking youthful wine indeed. All the ducks are lined up with cassis, tobacco, minerality, just a hint of gum-tree, menthol etc etc; all the things Margaret River does best. There’s loads of primary fruit up front with savoury oak & fruit tannins supporting a lattice of spicy minerality. I’ve always enjoyed Amy’s and this vintage is no exception.

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Clare and Keith are frequently asked, “Who is Amy?” It’s a favourite story which they are always happy to share.

It began just prior to the 1985 vintage, when a local Yallingup lad by the name of Ian Bell called into Moss Wood to see if we needed any help through the harvest. He was a big, strapping bloke and Clare and Keith were happy to have him on board. He helped through the vintage, then with pruning and did such a fine job he finished up staying for 21 years.

Ian lived on the family farm, Glenmore, about 10 kilometres north of Moss Wood. Early on in the piece, he invited Clare and Keith for dinner, where they were introduced to his parents, Allan and Sonia but perhaps most importantly, his grandparents, Amy and Bill Beers.

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