Rouleur “Ivan’s” Pinot Noir 2017


Ivan’s Vineyard is the original vineyard that Matt’s father planted out in the Yarra. This wine has elegance and charm with a firm backbone of tannins that make it a keeper. It’s balanced and savoury with a bright fruit spectrum of flavours. This is the last vintage that Matt will make wines from this vineyard as it has been pulled up and replanted to grafted rootstock and he feels something has been lost in the process. A brilliantly crafted effort that will age gracefully for many years yet.

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Matt East grew up in the Yarra Valley and worked alongside his father in the family vineyard from a young age. He dedicated 10 years to viticulture with a focus on Pinot Noir and made wine in the shed while growing up. He further honed his skills in local wineries during vintage and eventually left the Yarra Valley to study, travel and pursue a career in the broader wine industry. Rouleur wines err on the side of early picked where bright natural acid works in sync with varietal perfume, flavour and textures. All Rouleur fruit is handpicked and sorted, with the Yarra Valley Chardonnay being crafted from select clones (P76, P58, i10V1) where gentle pressing of bunches dominates before being gravity fed to larger format oak barrels. The Rouleur red wines are mostly fermented with whole berries intact, while whole bunches are opted-for when site, vintage and style dictate accordingly.

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