Ruinart Brut Rose NV


A blend of 55% Pinot Noir & 45% Chardonnay and pors salmon pink in the glass.

95 points, Tyson Stelzer, “Ruinart’s Rose is intentionally fresh, fruity, aromatic and approachable, full of colour but light in structure. A large dose of chardonnay defines the house style of restraint and soft, chalky mineral mouthfeel, while a strong inclusion of red wine infuses a youthful, almost luminescent, medium crimson hue and.aromas and flavours of all shades of red: wild strawberries, pink pepper, pomegranate, guava, raspberries and red cherries. Subtle struck fruit alludes to reductive complexity. Gracious finesse is upheld without sacrificing flavour or fruit definition, with soft tannin structure and a well-gouged dosage maintaining a refreshing finish.”

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An entrepreneur, Nicolas Ruinart realized the ambitions of his uncle, Dom Thierry Ruinart: to make Ruinart an authentic Champagne house. In the period immediately following the 1728 edict of Louis XV,[1] which authorized the transport of wine in bottles, the house was established. Prior to this edict, wine could only be transported in barrels, which made it impossible to send Champagne to distant markets, and confined consumption primarily to its area of production.

Nicolas Ruinart founded the House of Ruinart on 1 September 1729.[2] The first delivery of “wine with bubbles” went out in January 1730. At first the sparkling wine was a business gift for cloth purchasers, as Dom Ruinart’s brother was a cloth merchant, but six years later Maison Ruinart terminated its cloth selling activities due to success in the Champagne business. Since then, the Maison has kept the standards of excellence of its founders. –


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