Toro Albala Don PX Pedro Ximenez 375ml


The Don PX wines come from the youngest, sweet vintage wines of Toro Albalá. The carefully selected Pedro Ximénez grapes are hand harvested and then left to dehydrate under the sun on straw mats for up to two weeks, concentrating the grapes sugars. The grapes are then pressed and tipped into fermentation vessels. When the perfect balance between sugar, alcohol and acidity has been reached, the fermenting must is ‘stunned’ with aguardiente (clear local brandy). The fortified wine is then decanted into stainless steel and local cone-shaped Tinajas tanks to naturally settle (due to the richness of the wine it cannot be filtered), before being bottled straight from the holding vessel. As these early release wines are not barrel aged nor blended, they are wonderfully pure, grapey examples of Pedro and capture all the delicious raisin and honey notes and tanginess of the style before rancio sets in. The palate of the 2016 glows with concentrated fig, honey and dried fruit notes and finishes with a warm, lingering, sweet finish. This is our kind of amber nectar. It has around 430 grams of sugar and was fortified to 17% alcohol. Despite this natural sugar level it remains remarkably bright and fresh. This can be opened for ever by the way, as can all the PX wines offered here, which makes them perfect for pouring by the glass or keeping open in the fridge.

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Founded in 1844, Toro Albalá is arguably the best producer of Pedro Ximenez in the world today with the finest vineyard holdings in Montilla (the region for Pedro) and the oldest stocks. Toro Albalá was the first Montilla producer to commercialize bottled, dessert-styled Pedro Ximénez (in 1970) and remains the world’s only specialist in 100% vintage PX.

Impeccable and authentic Fino, Amontillado and Oloroso, containing only the natural alcohol from fermentation, are also produced by the classic solera method.

Bodegas Toro Albalá owns significant vineyard acreage in Aguilar de la Frontera and Moriles; planted exclusively to Pedro Ximénez vines that are planted in the chalky-white, albariza soils. Grapes from the older bush vines are destined for the vintage dessert wines, whereas newer wire-trained vineyards provide fresher fruit with brighter acids for the production of the dryer styles. These are all wonderful wines, full of character and power. The sweet Pedro’s have to be tasted to be believed and the prices speak for themselves.

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