JC’s Own “Ferine” Grenache 2019


Jaysen writes, “I love grenache, I love its versatility and it’s drinkability. I was mostly drawn to getting involved with the process and leaning to more textural, structured and savoury versions. Then one day I got to thinking, what about just doing nothing and let the grapes do the work.

So I chucked a few bins of hand picked grenache grapes into a tank with a bit of CO2, sealed the lid and came back several weeks later. when I lifted the lid I was hit with a whole lot of gassy funk, but in a really good way.

It was wild and feral but mostly intoxicating. So for a few weeks after I just jumped on top of these bunches, breaking them up, in real terms to build structure, but mostly to get lost in the ferine like smells that filled the air.”

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I met Jaysen many years ago on a visit to the Barossa, has been around making wines for many years now despite his tender youth. Spending quite some years as a senior winemaker at Torbreck before joining Dan Standish with their Massena Wines project back in the early 2010’s. JC’s Own wines are just that! All his! Jaysen sourced some brilliant fruit back in 2015 and couldn’t resist keeping some for his very own wines, thus JC’s Own was born. Since then there have been several new wines added to the range including a cheeky little vermouth which is deliciously herbal.

‘The JC’s Own” is Jaysen Collins’ “project wines” that stem from his very good work at the bloody good Massena winery in the Barossa Valley. I guess here, JC’s Own allows him some additional flexibility in winemaking style. Satisfying his own interests, so to speak. The aesthetic of the labelling and broad, round-shouldered bottle already suggest something about eclectic style, edginess.’ – The Winefront, September 2016.

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