Morgan Truchetet Nuits-Saint-Georges Les Topons 2019


Deeply scented with ripe dark plums, sandalwood spice, savoury notes and a hint of wild meatiness, a very enticing introduction.  The first sips are fresh and stylish, a mélange of rich red fruits with dark fruit highlights, laced with spice both juicy persistence!  Super stylish, maybe even pretty for a Nuits, but that touch of wild gives a nod to its terroir.  Delicious now, but will continue to develop interesting secondary characteristics for up to 10 years.


More Information

Domaine Truchetet, a very special very small Domaine in the heart of Nuits Saint Georges, it has been family owned and run for 6 generations.  Jean-Pierre Truchetet has been handing the baton over to children Morgan and Julie for some time and in 2018 he took full retirement, leaving the next generation in charge.

Soil comes first and they are now “officially” moving towards organic farming. They continue to explore new practices, such as innovative plant and seaweed treatments. Their objective: to give energy back to their soil while bottling the fullest expression of each terroir. In the attempt to avoid too much oak influence in their wines, the Truchetets use an unusual barrel called a Harlequin which combines alternative staves of oak and acacia and does indeed have a harlequin look about it. The acacia allows oxygen ingress without adding brute wood notes, effectively halving the oak influence on the wine. To further mitigate the new wood effect, they undergo a very light toasting for a maximum of two hours.

Domaine Truchetet  produce small quantities of pure, delicious and thoughtful wine.

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